Notes blog…

November 8, 2007

I just got an idea from something a co-worker said.  I am now interested in starting up a blog for note taking during class.  That is, using the internet during class to outline the notes from a lecture, so on and so forth.  The idea being that everyone in the class will have access to the blog, not as admin, but with the ability to comment and ask questions, creating a community of students aggregating knowledge.  Multiple responsible students will be given admin powers, and they can post their notes from their different class.  Given that the entries might end up as very miscellaneous, tags will be employed, including course number, section, topic covered, date, et cetera.  The more interest generated, the more useful the community becomes to itself.  Anyone else have any other ideas and thoughts about this?


The Justine Show?

November 8, 2007

So we’ve come to the point where I am forced to decide whether I like or dislike the fact that people do what is called “lifecasting.”  That is, people broadcast every moment of their lives and create a new internet phenomenon.  I am really torn on this.  IJustine, I’ll have to get back to you.

In the meanwhile, I have been trying hard to have my friends join twitter, but only one has joined.  If only there was a way to convince them about the awesomeness of twitter.  Any Ideas?

Something Wiki(pedia) This Way Comes

November 6, 2007

I don’t know if everyone got to see the solution for the vandalism problem that wikipedia chronically suffers from. The truth is, there are always going to be jackasses who think it’s funny when they write stupid things about things that aren’t stupid and try to pass them as fact… or something. Ryan North, comic artist, however, has come up with a brilliant solution to this problem. (Click to see all)

Yes, dudes know about chickens. Even funnier, however, is his manifesto concerning this issue. With the brilliant domain name, lays out the plan in full detail.

Friends, this goal is within reach. I give you a new Wikipedia. A Wikipedia evolved, a Wikipedia that lives here in the real world. A Wikipedia that makes just one tiny concession to vandals, a concession for the greater good. I give you Wikipedia 2.0, otherwise known as Wikipedia: Every Topic In The Universe, Except Chickens (Dot Com).”

So to all the critics of the Web 2.0 (I’m talking to you, Andrew Keen), I say this: There are solutions to every problem on the internet. All we have to do is think less hard than we already are, because the solutions are pretty obvious. Come on guys, quit nay-saying and be creative for once.

Comics with relevance… TO THE CLASS!!!!!

November 2, 2007

Kinda… Okay, so this web 2.0 thing not only defines the internet as people, but the rise of user generated content may also be leading to content generated users, according to Jeff Rowland.

Look in your browser history at your past five Wikipedia searches and tell me that doesn’t sum up yourself in a nutshell. Chances are, your internet browser knows more about you than any other living creature, even your dog or cat! And trust me, you don’t want your dog or cat to suddenly develop typing skills and a desire for a hundred thousand dollars.

Check out the comic, however, as it is quite amusing.

Okay, so you’ve authored a work, Foucault!

October 26, 2007

And that’s a big deal, according to him, because of the function of Authorship.  Foucault speaks of how only the work is under the authorship of the Author, and only because there is a work, there is an Author.  He raises the question of what is actually the work, whether scribbles on the side of the page are part of the work or not.  Foucault points out that before there was an Author, all there was was an authoritative body of writing which was taken for granted, with no need to verify by name, such as the sciences.

Weinberger, your mom is miscellaneous!

October 26, 2007

Ah, catch up posts! Hopefully, I’ve learned enough from my inexperience to be able to pull off decent post-surgery blogging. Here we go!

Weinberger makes some very good points about the Web 2.0 that, after I read them, opened my eyes to the broad world of the miscellaneous. In the chapter “The New Order of Order,” Weinberger makes the reference to the traditional photograph depository, the Bettmann Archive. This is a place where 11 million priceless photographs are stored and archived. These, Weinberger points, are stored with a first order organization (that is, the physical object is organized according to categorical standards i.e. color, size, function, etc.). The Second order in which they are organized is by card catalog (in this order, information is taken and then stored separately). This is where Weinberger points to the digital world. For a third order of organization, a digital era needs to take place. Bits of information (tags, labels, keywords) are added to the object itself that allows it to be stored and recalled miscellaneously.

Finally understanding what that entry box meant, I went straight to work uncovering it’s power. Granted, though the rhetoric Weinberger uses does make the old systems seem like sprawling tombs, the new third order does really provide the freedom and release to the storer of things to let it all be miscellaneous. How empowering. Needless to say, this writer has started using all sorts of miscellaneous. How empowering!

The reason copyright is copyWRONG!

October 26, 2007

I think I posted about this before, but…

I do not own any idea that I have ever thought was original.  There is no character that is mine, no name I made up, no story I invented that had not been before.  This said, I cannot claim to have ownership of any idea.  Once an idea becomes art, or a story, or a comic, it now belongs to the artistic collective soul.  That is, the expounding on the human condition which was a goal, and if I was lucky enough, an accomplishment, in a piece of art is in no way meant to be, it never was meant to be, an entity to be owned for profit.  This in itself goes to worsen humanity.  If art is owned, valued, priced, and restricted, it is no longer art.  If one can’t take, mold, and renew a creation, there is little to no point in the original piece.